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Mandilli pasta with pesto, green beans and potatoes

Mandilli pasta with pesto, green beans and potatoes

Mandilli pasta with pesto, green beans and potatoes

by Sara Milletti

Cucina Antica Ingredients

Other ingredients

For the Mandilli pasta

300 g pastry flour + enough to roll out the dough

120 g water

1 large egg

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oila

1 tsp salt

1 knob of butter

For the sauce

440 g potatoes

320 g green beans


Serves 4
Sift the flour onto a pastry board, add the salt and make a well in the centre. Break the egg, add the oil and start mixing with a fork. Slowly pour in the water and knead with your hands. When the mixture is smooth and supple, form a ball, wrap it with cling film and let it stand for 40 minutes.
Peel the potatoes and cut them into small chunks. Cook them together with the green beans in boiling salted water for about 10 minutes or until soft yet firm. Drain and leave to cool completely.
Take the Mandilli pasta dough, split it into 4 parts and roll out each piece with a rolling pin (if you are using a pasta rolling machine, set it to the minimum thickness). The sheets need to be as thin as a silk handkerchief.
With a pastry wheel, cut into 10 cm rectangles and arrange on a floured tray.
Bring a pot of water to a boil, then add some salt and a tablespoon of oil to keep the pasta sheets from sticking together, and cook them for two minutes from the time they rise to the surface.
Pour the pesto sauce into a bowl and dilute it with two tablespoons of the pasta’s cooking water.
Drain the pasta and pour it into the bowl with the pesto. Add the potatoes and green beans. Mix gently, then serve on 4 separate dishes with fresh basil leaves.