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Pomodori del Sole

salsa pomodori

Typical product of southern Italy, it stands apart from the rest thanks to its bright red colour which means the tomatoes have been dried in the southern sun and are brought back inside at nightfall to prevent the smokiness caused by dew and damp. As they are not dried in a drying house, they are softer on the palate and tastier. They can be used as a starter, or we can chop them up to use in pasta dishes, perhaps adding a drizzle of olive oil, basil, oregano, capers and a bit of tomato sauce. We can use them in panini or sandwiches, by adding mayonnaise or soft cheese and mixing in a mixer or food processor. A quick, fancy idea for your aperitifs. Take a small mozzarella, wrap it in a sun-dried tomato, and fasten with a toothpick. Dress with a drizzle of extra virgin oil and a light sprinkling of oregano.

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It is a sauce made of artichoke hearts that can be put to various uses. It can be diluted with oil to accompany boiled or grilled meats. It can be mixed with cheese, as well as mascarpone or mayonnaise, to fill panini, tarts, sandwiches, crostini, bruschettas or vol-au-vents. If used like this, it can also serve as a topping for pizzas or pasta. Excellent combined with: ham, salami, smoked cured meats, fresh cheeses such as fontina or emmenthal, and dried tomatoes.

Naturally gluten free product

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pomodorina latta

Pomodorina sauce is prepared with the best fresh tomatoes processed at the height of the season and the varieties of vegetables used give the product a homemade taste.

Ready sauce excellent for pasta and rice dishes, but also ideal for crostini, pizzas, bruschettas, for sauces in main courses and stews and where a tomato sauce is required.

This italian tomato sauce excellent if combined with pesto which gives it a very fresh and summery taste.


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