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pomodorina latta

Pomodorina sauce is prepared with the best fresh tomatoes processed at the height of the season and the varieties of vegetables used give the product a homemade taste.

Ready sauce excellent for pasta and rice dishes, but also ideal for crostini, pizzas, bruschettas, for sauces in main courses and stews and where a tomato sauce is required.

This italian tomato sauce excellent if combined with pesto which gives it a very fresh and summery taste.


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Sicilian Olives

olive alla siciliana

Gaeta olives, aromatised with strips of pepper, rosemary, garlic, and preserved in oil. Uses: for cold buffets and as a side dish.

Gluten-free product

PRICE EUR 5.49 4.66

Wild Boar Sauce

ragu di cinghiale specialita

Meat sauce prepared with top quality meat (shoulders or leg), ideal as a topping for pasta dishes prepared with long egg or semolina pasta, but also excellent for polenta and crostoni. Goes well with sautéed porcini or honey mushrooms.

Gluten-free product

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Creams and sauces mix

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Game sauces mix (2)

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Game sauces mix (1)

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pacco prova2

Italian Special Sauces

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Espositore Misto Salse e Creme (2)

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Espositore Misto Condimenti

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Espositore Misto Mare e Monti

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