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Crema di Olive Nere (Black Olive Spread)

Black Olive Spread Black Olive Spread

Crema di Olive Nere (Black Olive Spread)

Code EZ4XA

Our soft Black Olive Spread has an intense olive aroma.

net weight: 190 g

EAN code: 8002960103243

 Gluten-free  Vegan

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Why is it so good?

Our spread is made using ground black olives emulsified with oil to give it a uniform brown colour and a fine, firm consistency.

One product, a thousand recipes.

Excellent as a sandwich filling or on canapés. With our Black Olive Spread, you can impress your guests with deliciously flavoursome appetisers.

Lots of flavour, no surprises


black olives (46%), olive paste (31%), sunflower oil, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, sugar, acidity regulator: lactic acid, spices, additive: iron gluconate (residue).

Nutritional values per 100g
Energy 1142 kJ / 278kcal
of which SATURATED fatty acids
29 g
3,9 g
of which SUGARS
1,8 g
1,4 g
Proteins 0,7 g
Salt 2,0 g