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sugo porcini

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Porcini Mushroom Sauce

200 g n.w. glass jar

The porcini mushrooms are processed when dried to highlight their flavour and fragrance.

Ideal sauce for egg pasta, preferably long (tagliatelle) or risottos.

Can be used with polenta, either fresh or grilled, with meat, as a sauce for cutlets, roulades or fillets.

Gluten-free product

Recommended recipe

(for 3/4 people) 350 g tagliatelle 1 jar of Porcini Mushroom Sauce  a sprig of parsley, chopped 100 ml stock.


Heat up the sauce well for about one minute, add some stock, add the cooked tagliatelle, toss together in the pan, add parsley and serve. A very fast and tasty italian recipe.

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