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sugo carbonara

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Sugo alla Carbonara

200 g n.w. glass jar

We are the only ones whose carbonara contains egg.

Thanks to its creamy texture, even when heated the egg inside doesn't cook anymore and go like scrambled egg.

It is used mainly as a pasta sauce (excellent with spaghetti, ideal with long semolina pasta).

Before putting on the pasta it needs heating in a frying pan for about 1 minute.

Then it needs diluting with the cooking water or some milk.

Other uses: for pizza, crostoni, vol-au-vents. We recommend using the product before cooking (for pizza) or heated up (for crostoni or vol-au-vents).

Can be combined with cheese, cream, peas and oregano.

Gluten-free product

Smoked and unsmoked bacon (33%), egg yolk ( 9%), olive oil, onion, white wine, rice starch, spices.
Recommended recipe

(for 3/4 people): 12 vol-au-vents 1 or 2 slices emmenthal (or processed cheese) 1 jar of Sugo alla Carbonara dried oregano.


Sauté the Carbonara sauce until the bacon goes crispy. Take off the heat, add cubes of emmenthal and fill the vol-au-vents. Sprinkle with oregano and bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 170°C. Serve hot.

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