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sugo arrabbiata

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Sugo all'Arrabbiata

200 g n.w. glass jar

Il sugo all'Arrabbiata, Arrabbiata suace, is ideal for penne or short ribbed pasta.

Add freshly chopped parsley and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Typical italian sauce, can be used for bruschettas or for all recipes requiring tomato to give a fuller flavour.

If you want, you can use it with borlotti beans to make a tasty dip or with Mexican black beans for tortillas.

Gluten-free product


Tomato pulp (67%), tomato concentrate (19%), onion (5%), olive oil (3.8%), aromatic herbs, salt, rice starch, sugar, spices.
Recommended recipe

(for 4 people): 300 g spaghetti 1 jar of Sugo alla Carbonara 50 g milk grated parmesan.


Heat up and boil the Arrabbiata sauce for around 30 seconds; cook the penne, drain, pour in the sauce and toss together. Take off the heat and add a bit of oil, chopped parsley and serve.

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