Cucina Antica - specialità italiane - condimenti per pasta

pomodorina latta

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410 g n.w. tin

Pomodorina sauce is prepared with the best fresh tomatoes processed at the height of the season and the varieties of vegetables used give the product a homemade taste.

Ready sauce excellent for pasta and rice dishes, but also ideal for crostini, pizzas, bruschettas, for sauces in main courses and stews and where a tomato sauce is required.

This italian tomato sauce excellent if combined with pesto which gives it a very fresh and summery taste.


Tomato pulp (72%), tomato concentrate, mixed vegetables (carrot, onion, celery), olive oil (3%), salt, sugar, aromatic herbs.
Recommended recipe

(for 4 people): 1 jar of Clam Sauce 200 g seafood salad in brine garlic chopped parsley 50 g Pomodorina 100 ml fish stock.


Rinse the seafood salad under running water. At the same time brown the chopped garlic in oil, add the seafood salad, clam sauce, Pomodorina sauce and fish stock and boil for 8-10 minutes. Add the chopped parsley and serve with bread croutons.

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