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Wild Boar Sauce

200 g n.w. glass jar

Meat sauce prepared with top quality meat (shoulders or leg), ideal as a topping for pasta dishes prepared with long egg or semolina pasta, but also excellent for polenta and crostoni. Goes well with sautéed porcini or honey mushrooms.

Gluten-free product

Wild boar (43%), tomato pulp, mixed vegetables (onion, carrot, celery), water, sunflower seed oil, Barolo wine, bacon, butter, lard, salt, double tomato concentrate, aromatic herbs, corn starch, spices.
Recommended recipe

(for 8 people): a jar of wild boar sauce 1 jar of Sugo alla Zingara 100 ml chilli oil.


Cook the tagliatelle in lots of salted water. In a separate pan, prepare the sauce by boiling the wild boar sauce with the Zingara sauce. Toss the pasta together with the sauce, add the spicy oil and serve, garnishing with some chopped parsley.

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