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salsa profumata tartufo


Profumata with truffle

200 g n.w. glass jar

Cream with a thousand uses with a pleasant, lingering truffle aroma. Can be used both hot and cold for tarts, bruschettas, sandwiches, pizzas, etc. Can be mixed with soft cheeses or mayonnaise to fill choux pastry balls, cannolini, vol-au-vents etc. If lengthened with cream or melted cheese or a drop of milk, ideal for pasta dishes using egg or semolina pasta and rice. Excellent dressing for potato gnocchi or truffle lasagne: make 5 layers with strips of egg pasta, béchamel and diluted truffle cream, cubes of ham and slices of fontina. When you have made the 5 layers, put it in the oven to bake for around 30 minutes at 180°C. Can be used as a sauce on cutlets, fillets, to add flavour to mixed minced meat in order to make aromatic meatballs or fillings for roast meat, or to spread on meat to create stuffed roasts. It is a very versatile sauce that tickles the imagination, so you'll try it in lots of different ways. A sauce with a delicate mix of fragrances and flavours, exclusive to our company, at a very competitive price.

Gluten-free product

Cultivated field mushrooms (agaricus bisporus) (79%), sunflower seed oil, rice starch, salt, aromas, aromatic herbs.
Recommended recipe

(for 3/4 people): 300 g lasagne 300 g béchamel 1 jar of Profumata field mushroom cream with truffle butter grated parmesan.


Cook the lasagne in boiling water. Cool in water and dry. Mix the béchamel with the Profumata with truffle. Butter a tray and arrange the pasta, béchamel and truffle mix and parmesan in layers, then another layer of pasta and so on until you have around 6/7 layers. Finish off with parmesan and some curls of butter. Bake in the oven for 30/40 minutes at 170°C.

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