Cucina Antica - specialità italiane - condimenti per pasta

funghi prataioli vetro

Antipasti and side dishes

Sautéed Field Mushrooms

200 g n.w. glass jar

These field mushrooms are picked when young, sliced and sautéed. They are recommended for all uses, both hot and cold, so they can be used for pizzas, panini, tarts and sandwiches. Also excellent if used as a sauce for pasta, main courses, in omelettes or as a side dish. Excellent combined with cured meats or quite bland cheeses.

Gluten-free product

Cultivated field mushrooms (agaricus bisporus) (70%), sunflower seed oil (27%), salt, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, aromatic herbs, acidifier: citric acid, aromas, taste enhancer: monosodium glutamate.
Recommended recipe

(for 4 people):

1 jar of Sautéed Field Mushrooms

a few spoonfuls of Pomodorina

chopped parsley

1/2 clove of garlic

1 spoonful of onion

extra virgin olive oil

1/2 glass of dry white wine

100 g of cream




Pour the extra virgin olive oil into a frying pan.

Lightly fry the whole garlic and onion (they will be removed later).

Pour over the drained Sautéed Field Mushrooms.

Mix in the cream and Pomodorina after a few minutes.

Mix it all together and serve hot with a sprinkling of fresh parsley.